Moth Treatments

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Moth Protection, Treatment & Repairs

A sneaky enemy of your rug is moths. Our rug cleaning process includes moth proofing which prevents moths from silently destroying the fibers of your rug (especially in wool rugs) which can cause extensive damage. This is especially important when you are planning to store your rug away.

Rug insect protection works very similar to our general rug protection process the only difference is a special detergent is used. This process prevents moths from eating or coming near your rug. We also offer a treatment to kill and remove any insect eggs or nesting.

All rugs MUST be cleaned prior to our rug insect protection application process.

The following is our process:
1. Rugs are dusted using our dust machine to remove all dust and residue.
2. Rugs are then put through our tumbling machine with a smoker to be sure all moths and insects are removed.
3. Followed by brushing each rug with a powerful brushing machine to make sure all eggs that are hidden are removed.
4. Rugs are then washed and cleaned using a special detergent to prevent any moths or insects from returning to your rugs.
5. The last step is hanging your rugs in our climate controlled drying room. Once dried, rugs are brushed, inspected and packed for delivery.


  • We highly recommend use of solutions with cedar or lavender to clean to your floors with; this will help keep any moths or insects away.

  • Moths loves feathers more than anything else – hide several dishes of feathers throughout the room your rug is in (i.e.tops of tall cupboards, bookcases, etc). Check them regularly and replace when needed.

  • Moths are most active in June, July & August.

  • Moth-prone parts of your rug is any part that is tucked under furniture because it’s a quiet dark place.

Dry Cleaning Rugs offers Moth Treatment, Protection and Repairs




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